A COUPLE are outraged at a property developer for failing to fix a string of problems with their new flat.

Bradley Ambridge and Louisa O'Doherty say George Wimpey, which built their home in Hyde Grove in The Bridge Development in Dartford, has failed to fix numerous problems with the flat.

Mr Ambridge, 25, and Miss O'Doherty, 24, who moved into the flat last June, say they have contacted Wimpey repeatedly to report problems and ask the developer to fix them.

They say the problems include a leaking bathroom sink, damp, broken kitchen sink tap, broken wooden rail on the balcony, and electrical problems which cause the TV to flicker.

In a letter to the developer, sales assistant Mr Ambridge wrote: "I was prepared for there to be problems, but this is beyond a joke.

"I am therefore requesting that somebody from your head office comes round and sits down with us to discuss exactly what is going to happen to resolve all of these, quite frankly laughable, issues.

"I am currently living in a half-finished property and cannot even complete the decorating due to the damp."

A spokesman for George Wimpey said: “We have been working with Mr Ambridge to resolve these matters, and as part of this have visited his property to undertake appropriate work.

“We will continue to liaise with Mr Ambridge until all the pending issues have been resolved.”