The 20% of Britain that suffer from the atrocity, we call Hay Fever, will know what I am talking about when I say it is a problem to ‘achoo’ on! The constant sneezing, the blood-shot, itchy eyes and plugged up nose create an unbearable summer and what a shame it is, considering the short bursts of sunny weather we have here, in Britain; it’s no fun sitting indoors whilst watching the young children swimming in tiny paddling pools and families enjoying a stroll in the park.

There is still no proven cause of hay fever, although it is believed that a major cause is the high pollen count during the summer months. As these tiny grains of pollen enter our airways, our bodies detect it as a foreign body and fight it off, this results in the symptoms of sneezing and blocked sinuses.

What can be done to rid our lives of this epidemic? Herbal doctors claim a number of approaches to overcome it, such as using stinging nettles to treat runny noses and chest congestions or perhaps consuming a teaspoon of horseradish will do the trick of liberating your blocked up sinuses, however medical doctors have different approaches (some I personally find very successful) such as the use of eye drops or nasal sprays.

Equipped with these weapons, you can now face the outdoors!