A DOG owner got a spooky surprise when he noticed a strange apparition in photos he had taken while walking his pet in a park.

Paul Reed was out taking Harry on his daily walk in Kelsey Park in Beckenham and wanted to take pictures of his Border Collie dog to prove to News Shopper readers dogs could be safely let off their leads and kept under control.

We have recently received letters calling for more responsible ownership and debating whether dogs in the park should be kept on a leash as they allegedly chase wildlife.

Father-of-two Mr Reed thought he would photograph Harry walking past some ducks to show this did not apply to all dogs.

But strangely, his normally spritely dog suddenly came to a halt and refused to budge.

Mr Reed, 46, thought his pet was just having a bad day, yet when he uploaded the photos onto his computer, he saw a possible reason why.

Beyond the ducks stood what appeared to be some kind of transparent image of a person.

Mr Reed, of Chamberlain Crescent, West Wickham, said: “It could just have been the sunlight reflected on the bushes, but some people are saying it’s really spooky.

“The idea was to get Harry to stroll past these ducks, as he would normally do, but I couldn’t get him to move.

“It was definitely odd, he wasn’t his usual self. He was cowering back towards me.

“It could have been a coincidence and my dog was having a bad day.”