PARENTS of murdered teenager Jimmy Mizen have held a service marking two years since his death.

Guests at the Westminster Cathedral service included the Prince of Wales who spoke to families of other victims, including those of Sidcup actor Rob Knox, Chislehurst man Paul Baker and Madeleine McCann.

Sixteen-year-old Jimmy was attacked and killed at Three Cooks bakery, Burnt Ash Hill, Lee. His murderer, Jake Fahri, was jailed for life.

Dad Barry said: “After Jimmy died, Margaret wanted a peace service and two years later, it’s finally come about.

“It was an overwhelming day but also a very good experience.”

News Shopper: Barry and Margaret McCann

Margaret and Barry Mizen also used the event to launch Watch Over Me, a 10-episode soap opera for teenagers on issues surrounding youth crime.

The series, made in Jimmy’s memory and launched by not-for profit child safety organisation the Kids Taskforce, deals with Fahri’s trial and the Mizen family’s experience as one of its storylines.

Mr Mizen said: “Rather than screaming and shouting for retribution, it’s all about peace on the streets.

“In the long-term we’re talking about education and early intervention before they develop into killers.

“Longer sentences don’t necessarily matter. Some of these people don’t have the brainpower to appreciate what will happen to them.”

It will be distributed to all secondary schools in England and Wales.

News Shopper: Kate McCann

The area has seen further violence recently with two more murders last week.

Mr Mizen said: “This makes us more determined than ever to work at it.

“It needs cooperation from all of us - we’ll do whatever we can.”

The Mizens are raising money for their Jimmy Mizen Foundation charity with a dinner and auction at the Marriott Hotel, Bexleyheath, on June 19.

Tickets are £50. To get one email