GCSE. A crucial stage in a child’s life. When the grades start to matter. However is the constant pressure being put on the child from parents and teachers too much? It seems as in the mist of all the exams, essays and revision the child themselves seems to be forgotten.

Little is done to help the transition from SAT’s to GCSE and between these two levels of qualifications there is a big difference in the work load. Because there is little help given to the child on the transition of the work load the child may find themselves feeling incapable and have a lower self esteem.

I feel that rather than just throwing those into the deep end and expecting the child to cope, more should be done and support should be given from both at school and at home. After all that isn’t that the role of both parents and teachers to nurture and help children? If more thought was put towards the students instead of just focusing on the grades then perhaps the decrease in pressure could lead to an increase in grades.