NICK Raynsford has won the Greenwich & Woolwich seat for Labour.

He received 20,262 votes, ahead of Conservative Spencer Drury, who polled 10,109.

Liberal Democrat Joseph Lee received 7,498 votes, while the British National Party's Lawrence Rustem got 1,151.

Green candidate Andy Hewett received 1,054 votes and Edward Adeleye from the Christian Party got 443.

Topo Wresniwiro from the English Democrats polled 339, Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition candidate Onay Kasab received 267 votes and Tammy Alingham, who stood as an independent, got 65.

Labour received 49.2 per cent of the vote, the Tories 24.5 and the Lib Dems 18.2.

The constituency saw a 5.1 per cent swing from Labour to Conservative.