VOTERS in Bromley have given Gordon Brown a "very clear verdict" of his government by keeping the borough Conservative.

This is the opinion of Bob Neill who was declared the winner of the Bromley & Chislehurst parliamentary seat this morning (May 7).

The newly created Lewisham West & Penge constituency has yet to be declared but the other three Bromley constituencies all voted to keep Tories as their MPs.

Huge majorities for Tories

What is more the Conservatives got in with huge majorities.

Mr Neill was first elected as Bromley & Chislehurst MP in a 2006 by-election where the turnout was only 40.05 per cent.

But just under four years later with the turnout of 67.5 per cent he romped home with 23,569 votes, a majority of 13,900.

He said: “I think clearly if you look at the borough as a whole it is a very clear rejection of the Labour government.

“Gordon Brown has secured the worst results in recent times.

“I’m going to keep doing what we have been doing, working hard making sure that we achieve for everyone in the constituency and making sure that I’m banging the drum for Bromley and Chislehurst.”

He added: “It is a very clear verdict that the people of Bromley and Chislehurst have given me.”

“In the next few hours I think this will be shown across the whole country.”

Impressive victory for Jo Johnson

Mayor of London Boris Johnson was in the council chamber to watch as his younger brother Jo won an even more impressive victory in Orpington.

His closest rival David McBride polled 12,000 votes while Mr Johnson managed 29,200.

He said: “I’m honoured to have the chance to serve the people of Orpington in Westminster and I will do it to the best of my ability.”

Conservatives increase majority in Beckenham

Ex-British Army officer Colonel Bob Stewart was brought in to stand as the Beckenham candidate for the Tories after Jacqui Lait decided to step down.

He got 27,597 votes, 5,414 more than Mrs Lait did in 2005, increasing the Tories majority in the constituency to 17,784.

The colonel said: “It is a total privilege and honour for me to be representing Beckenham, to be representing everyone in Beckenham – that is the way I feel.

“Thank you everyone who has supported me and God bless you all.”