LEWISHAM Council says it did not break the law by allowing people to vote after 10pm.

Hundreds of people queued outside The City Learning Centre in Manwood Road, Brockley, as a late surge of voters descended to cast their votes before the 10pm deadline.

Voters were brought into the polling station and handed ballot papers before 10pm meaning they were eligible to vote after the deadline.

A Lewisham Council spokesman said: “In our preparations we had anticipated a large number of people might arrive late in the evening to vote.

“Presiding officers had been advised to make sure that all people queuing were brought onto the polling station and issued with ballot papers prior to 10pm.

“This meant we were able to comply with legal provisions and make sure people were not disenfranchised.

“Two of our polling stations experienced late queues, but we were able to find a pragmatic solution to allow people to vote while remaining within the law.”