Anywhere you go, all anybody is talking about is the upcoming 2010 General Election. Yes, it is an exciting time, the possibilities of change, possibly a new government, a new system and manner in which our country is run, but are the elections presented in a type of ‘X Factor’ style, as a way to publicise the importance of politics amongst the electorate? As a student myself, and currently studying Government and Politics, it is interesting to hear how other students, who are not so in touch with the governing of the country, have to say about the Parties and their ‘suddenly’ famous leaders.

The youth today appear more concerned with why Gordon Brown called somebody a ‘bigot’ rather than his actual policies for running the country and his ideas for improvement. Incidents and slip-ups such as these show politics in a humorous light as it causes an embarrassing spectacle for those concerned. Moreover, the Expenses Scandal last summer also projected Politics into the limelight for young students as it proved that those who thought themselves more important than others, and believed they had the right to use the taxpayers money, only proved themselves as less important for thinking that they had the right to do so.

Even the live televised debates have been seen in a comical nature from a young person’s point of view. How could these people represent and run our country, when they squabble and speak over one another in front of the whole nation? Surely, things should be done in a more adult and polite fashion to avoid these debates being perceived as television shows that broadcast adult men acting like young men in a desperate bid to prove that they are worthy? How can they expect to prove the point, if they continue to speak over one another in a mature fashion?

Is there such thing as a trustworthy and responsible politician anymore? Is there more emphasis on the glamour of the politicians and their lifestyles, rather than their political ideologies? And, surely, even though this election seems larger than ever, is this not just because people are more aware of the state the country is in due to those who put it in this state with duck houses and moats?