The drug Mepherdrone is a plant fertiliser but is also recognised and sold as a recreational drug under such names as meph, bubbles or meow meow. This is a drug that has recently become more popular in the streets of the UK, following cocaine, marijuana and ecstasy, it also has just as horrifying and harmful effects on the body, long term and short.

Although it’s legal in the UK after the deaths of several teenagers, believed to have been caused by this legal high, it has only become part of an ongoing investigation.

Meow meow’s most notorious supplier for the UK is China providing for the eager teens and troubled adults of our society. As mepherdrone is a legal drug so it passes through airports as plant fertiliser but enters the buyers’ hands as some weekend fun. The drug may be sold for the good of plants but its abuse has destructive effects on the body after the euphoria such as short-term memory loss, anxiety, paranoia, fits, depression, delusions and many more. Long term, this damaging plant food can put you in a psychiatric ward after up to a year of abuse.

So what should be done to stop this? Will this clearly deadly drug be banned, or will it be found that the lives of plants are more important than the lives of those exposed to this drug?