Until you’ve experienced jab day at an all girl’s school then you really have no concept of the phrase ‘mass hysteria’. With girls fainting, saying that they felt the liquid going into their muscle and all out sobbing, it was an atmosphere unlike one I have ever been in before.

Considering the last time a majority of us had jabs was in primary school, everyone seemed to remember with clarity the absolute terror of the situation. Then, of course, there were those walking around saying, ‘I swear if I get the cancer jab I could die or something’, just to help things along, regardless of how many times they were told that the girl had an underlying health problem.

Truth be told, the jab wasn’t that bad, although it did hurt a fair amount afterwards. On the whole, we all agreed that it had been a lot better than we had expected. But not content with this, the mutterings then moved onto, ‘I heard the second and third ones hurt like ten times more,’ and ‘my sister’s friend’s friend fainted when she had the next one done.’ Having now had the second one, it can really only be described as anti-climatic. Everyone went down with no fuss and aside from the occasional pain inducing bump to the arm, most people seemed to forget about it pretty quickly. One quick tip though, when presented with a list of possible side-effects, there will always be at least one girl who ‘develops’ them after reading the sheet through.