Look outside your window, see the shining sun, rip off the layers of sweaters and scarves and hats and gloves and feel the warmth on your skin. After months of cold torture, the sun has finally returned... with a huge smile and sunglasses! For the first time in many months, people have come out of their hiding holes to embrace the warm new weather. They see white grass now glisten green, grey skies now painted a soft blue and hear the joyful tweet of birds after months of silence.

A student, Isabella Harding quotes “the first sign of sun puts me in a better mood, all of a sudden i am planning barbecues”

Not only can you finally head on down to the beach- in order to enjoy a long, soothing, sun bathe, as Easter approaches, you can gain some Vitamin D, to maintain healthy, strong bones! Or perhaps, you are more active and would rather a game of football out on the dry grass.

Whatever the time of day, I’m singing in the sun, just singing in the sun, what a glorious feeling, I’m happy again!