JESUS was the son of an architect, born at his father’s family home and rising to become a top Rabbi before his death.

That is the claim of a “revolutionary” book on the life of Christ, written by Dr Adam Bradford - a 49-year-old historian, GP and doctor for Blackheath Rugby Club.

Blackheath resident Dr Bradford took two years to write his book The Jesus Discovery, using his psychological expertise and comparing the original Greek and Hebrew texts.

He said: “Reading the texts, it was becoming more and more obvious that the person drawing such a reaction couldn’t possibly have been uneducated.”

Dr Bradford claims Jesus would only have been treated with great respect and, later, chastisement if he was an educated member of the priesthood.

He said: “At the point he is found guilty of blasphemy there’s a huge swing against him. They go from having been respectful to spitting in his face - that’s the psychology of betrayal.

“He betrayed everything they stood for - but he did it from a place of seniority, not obscurity.”

Dr Bradford points out Jesus is referred to as “Rabbi” and “Doctor of the Law” and is described evicting money changers from a temple, showing he had the authority to do so.

And by studying the original scriptures, Dr Bradford believes the Greek word for “architect” and has been mistranslated as “carpenter” when referring to Joseph.

He says: “I’m certain Joseph was Herod’s architect and a trainer of his temple’s priests.”

The doctor claims this gives new meaning to the Bible passage where Jesus is feared lost and found in the temple, saying: “Didn’t you know I must be in my father’s house?”.

He also believes the word for “guest room” has been translated as “inn”, and speculates that Christ was born in a stable at Joseph’s family’s house.

And Dr Bradford claims Jesus would have been recognised as a “child prodigy” by priests, kept on to rise through the religious ranks.

He said: “It’s like Alex Ferguson discovering David Beckham. It would have been illogical to ignore him.”

Dr Bradford said: “The book’s attracted a huge amount of attention. It’s revolutionising people’s understanding of who this person Jesus was.

“What is does is puts Jesus much higher in the theological tree in terms of the Jewish society he lived in.”