Could you imagine waking up every morning, and not have to go through the time consuming job that is applying your make-up, and spending the time and effort trying to appear decent?

Personally, my face without even a blob of foundation is a sight for the brave! The under eye bags and less than perfect facial features means that at least twenty minutes is spent sorting out my looks, and that’s on a good day!!

It’s hard to believe how lucky boys are sometimes, there is not even a thought of make-up in the morning; just roll out of bed, change into some clothes and they are on their way. How on earth do they manage to look even vaguely respectable each day?

It would be interesting to see peoples reactions if I were to turn up to school “fresh faced”, going for the natural look. Just think of all the time and money we would save, make-up isn’t exactly cheap!

But what is our reasoning behind our make-up must haves?? So it’s expensive? So it’s time consuming? If it makes us feel good, that’s all there is to it. With a beautiful face, we are ready to face the world, and everything seems better with a touch of blush!!