Peter Huggins looks like your average guy. But in this case, appearances can not be trusted. He is by no means average.

Having been my fencing coach for over 5 years, I believe that I know him well. I know that he is committed, kind and thoughtful and wholly deserving of the “Unsung Sporting Hero of the Year” he has just been awarded. He is the England youth team manager and county coach for Kent but the thing that startles you about him is that he truly does have you best interests at heart. At our school and average of six or seven new people will start fencing each year, but only one or two have the guts to stick it out for another term. It gets even worse when summer hits and the three layers of protection necessary trap the heat, leaving you sticky, sweaty and hardly presentable. As Huggins has said, “There is obviously a percentage that will come in and do five or six weeks, will have 'done fencing' and will move on to something else. We have got to maintain an interest - it's up to us, as fencing coaches, to make it last." Needless to say it’s true. If you manage to stick it out for a whole school year, you will be rewarded with the personal guidance and support that comes from such a professional as Huggins.

The point of this article? To let people know Huggins won the award because he truly deserved what was rightfully his!