Can you believe what you are reading? Do you trust the information within this article? It has recently come to my attention that the media cannot be trusted. This is not, of course, a new fact to me, but has become increasingly disturbing.

During the Second World War propaganda was used to manipulate people’s views, and may well have helped Great Britain to win the war. In Germany only Nazi approved material could be published during the war, showing that this tactic has been used for decades.

However, the question is whether we are being brainwashed by the things we read, the things we watch and the things we hear. Most people reading this will think, “Who is this person? Brainwashing? That’s crazy”. That is where you’re wrong. The media makes us believe that we have to be a certain type of person: tall, blonde and beautiful. We are lead to believe that models are perfect, yet if you were to read the small print on adverts for mascara, there is often a small statement reading “Lash implants were used for this campaign”. So why do the demographic of England immerse themselves in what could be classed as a fake world?

The problem is that more often than not this is unrecognisable. Information is suppressed or the reader’s attention is diverted to elsewhere without you noticing.

Challenge yourself to think twice about what you are reading and try not to acquiesce to the temptation of believing everything you see.