VOCAL residents are moving from an internet chatroom to the council chamber to try to make their town a "better place".

People from Forest Hill have not been shy in expressing opinions on their neighbourhood via the SE23 website in recent months.

Now they have decided to set up their own residents' group called the Forest Hill Society in a bid to turn their words into actions.

Founder Michael Abrahams says his group will work with the council and other groups to improve facilities in Forest Hill.

But he says the society will not be shy in asking tough questions if it is not happy with the response it is getting.

Mr Abrahams, of Farren Road, said: "We need people with knowledge of the area to put pressure on people to improve facilities.

"All we want is to give a voice to all parts of Forest Hill and make it a better place."

He added: "It is not for us to take the place of our councillors.

"But we will be attending council meetings to ask questions when they need to be asked."

At a meeting last week 14 people agreed to establish the new society.

Mr Abrahams, who has lived in Forest Hill for 27 years, is in temporary charge until a full election of members takes place in the autumn.

He says the society will push for Forest Hill Pools, currently closed for maintenance work, to be reopened as soon as possible.

And the 31-year-old also wants the area to attract more businesses and a wider selection of shops.

The new group will hope to emulate the success of the Sydenham Society, which was formed in 1972 and now has more than 1,000 members.

To see what inspired the new society, visit the website foresthill.org.uk/forum

Email michael.abrahams@ntlworld.com if you are interested in joining the society.