A TEENAGER falsely accused of rape is set to join the police after they helped clear his name.

Nineteen-year-old Ben Guerin has applied to the Met to become a Police Community Support Officer, 10 months after a girl told police he raped her after a party in March 2003.

In the time since Jemma Taggart, aged 19, made up the allegation, Mr Guerin has feared for his life and the safety of his family.

The former Ravensbourne School pupil was attacked with a glass bottle on the doorstep of his home by someone claiming to be Taggart's boyfriend.

He was worried the man would come back and attack his family at his home in Launcelot Road, Grove Park, when he was out.

Mr Guerin's social life and relationships have also been destroyed by the allegations.

He was scared another girl would accuse him of rape so ended the relationship with the girl he was with and has not been out with anyone since.

Nights out were also difficult unless he knew exactly who was going to be there because he shared a lot of friends with Taggart and did not want to bump into her in a pub or club.

The street where he lives was also split in two between residents who believed his side of the story and those who believed Taggart.

Mr Guerin said: "I felt intimidated, threatened and violated. In total it was 10 months and it was nerve-wracking.

"If she had not been convicted they could have reopened the case. It would have been horrible."

Taggart, of Reading Court, Grove Park, was found guilty of making a false declaration tending to pervert the course of justice at Croydon Crown Court on April 27.

She was granted bail until June 1 and warned by Judge Cedric Joseph a prison sentence is almost inevitable.

Mr Guerin thinks prison could be good for Taggart.

He said: "I feel her problems stemmed from her family and I feel custody will be good for her.

"She's committed herself to a life sentence because this will stick with her, which I'm pleased about. People won't trust her."

Taggart not only lied by saying she was raped, when she and Mr Guerin had consensual sex.

She also told police the incident occurred eight months earlier than when the party was held which would have made her 15 at the time.

This affected Mr Guerin's job as a plumber's apprentice because his boss would not let him work in houses where there were children until the case against him was dropped.

Mr Guerin thinks men facing rape charges should let the police take control.

He said: "Eventually it will unfold and the truth will come out in the end. They realise when there are cracks in people's stories.

"If the evidence isn't there against you then they will find out."

His mother Susan, 44, said: "People will still disbelieve. It's a stigma wihch will stick with him for a long time."

Mr Guerin now has a 16-week wait to hear whether the Met will accept him. He eventually wants to become a police officer.

He said: "I have just submitted my application to join because of everything they were able to do.

"I was impressed with their professional decisions and I felt I wanted to be a part of that."