A COUNCILLOR who defected from Labour to the Lib Dems is indirectly bankrolling his former party's election campaign.

Whitefoot ward councillor Carl Kisicki is still making his monthly financial contribution to the Lib Dems four months after he left the party.

Now grateful Lib Dem chiefs say they will use the money to fund their campaign to unseat the red-faced councillor.

They also hope Cllr Kisicki will not stop making contributions and are urging him to keep on giving.

Cllr Kisicki left the opposition party to rejoin Labour in November last year, eight years after he made the opposite move across the council chamber.

But since then he has continued to make his £5 a month contribution to the Lib Dems.

This might not sound much but according to Lib Dem leader Councillor Mark Morris, it will pay for 1,000 black and white election leaflets.

These are set to be posted through the doors of Whitefoot residents, encouraging them to vote against Cllr Kisicki.

Downham ward representative Cllr Morris said: "I think Cllr Kisicki must be a little bit confused.

"Deep down I'm sure he regrets leaving our party.

"We are very grateful for the contributions and are happy for him to carry on giving.

"We have no problem taking his money."

Cllr Morris has sent copies of the Lewisham Lib Dem group bank account statements which list Cllr Kisicki's donations to the London Labour Party.

At the time of his defection last year, Cllr Kisicki blamed the Lib Dems "weak" stance on crime for his decision to turn red again.

He added: "The Labour Party feels like my natural home and it will be good to be back."

At the time News Shopper went to press, Cllr Kisicki was unavailable for comment.