A FAMILY are demanding more answers from Darent Valley Hospital about the circumstances leading up to their 81-year-old relative's death.

An inquest heard how less than a month before Jean Foxwell died, she was found on the floor by nurses while being cared for at the Darenth Wood Road hospital.

Doctors were unable to confirm whether the fall led to her death and an open verdict was recorded at Gravesend Coroner's Court.

Drugs Mrs Foxwell was prescribed were identified as another possible cause of the brain haemorrhage which killed her.

But her family, who branded the inquest "a joke", say they are no closer to discovering what happened.

They have made a formal complaint to the hospital, demanding more answers.

Susan Barclay, Mrs Foxwell's daughter, criticised the ward her mother was staying in, claiming staff "all had an attitude problem".

She says she hopes her inquiries will help future patients.

The 60-year-old says she was not told her mother had fallen until the day she died.

Mrs Foxwell was admitted to hospital on August 5 last year suffering from nausea and diarrhoea.

Drugs administered to treat a heart problem were improving Mrs Foxwell's condition, according to doctors.

On August 18 Mrs Foxwell, not witnessed by hospital staff, left her bed unaided and fell.

She denied to nurses she had hit her head but said her face felt bruised.

Doctors examined Mrs Foxwell but found no evidence of a head injury.

Her condition then deteriorated and she became confused and disorientated.

A scan revealed a haemorrhage on her brain.

Surgeons at King's College Hospital were consulted and decided Mrs Foxwell, of St Mary's Way, Longfield, was not fit for treatment and should be re-examined in four weeks.

She became feverish and fell unconscious before dying on September 12.

Doctor Hugh Alban-Davies, giving evidence at the inquest on March 7, said: "She had a fall but there was no evidence she injured her head.

"Another possibility was it was spontaneously caused by the drugs.

"I would be surprised with no signs of trauma she could have had a significant head injury."

Coroner Roger Hatch recorded an open verdict.

Mrs Barclay, also of St Mary's Way, Longfield, said: "It's a joke.

"We got no answers. We were expecting a lot more.

"Complaining won't bring my mother back. I would like to help other people in the future."

She added: "As far as I am concerned Darent Valley Hospital has been fine except for one ward.

"It had quite a few things wrong and the staff all had an attitude problem."

A spokesman for Darent Valley Hospital said: "We offer our sincere condolences to the family of Mrs Foxwell.

"Following the inquest and a meeting with the trust's complaints manager a formal complaint has been made and a full investigation has been launched.

"Once all the facts have been established we will report our findings directly to the family."