A HUSBAND wants to trace a Good Samaritan who nursed his wife after her scalp was ripped open when she was thrown forward on a bus.

Barbara Botten, 77, was travelling on the 96 bus to her home in Milford Close, Abbey Wood, following a morning of shoe shopping at Bluewater.

As the bus travelled down East Hill, Dartford, the driver slammed on the brakes. Mrs Botten was thrown from her side-facing seat and struck a rail.

While she lay on the floor with a 15-inch flap of skin hanging from her skull a female passenger, who said she had first-aid training, came to help.

She tried to stem the heavy bleeding and reassured Mrs Botten until paramedics arrived.

The pensioner, who lost two pints of blood, needed to have 200 stitches and spent four days in Darent Valley Hospital, Darenth Wood Road, Dartford, following the March 4 incident.

Bill Botten, 84, said: "Apparently the driver hit his breaks so hard the bus almost ended up on its nose. Barbara was covered in blood, it was all over her hair and dress.

"She looked awful in the hospital. I thought I was hardy, I saw men in the war with no arms or legs but this is different, this is my wife.

"A woman on the bus tried to help by asking other passengers to give her tissues and handkerchiefs to stop the bleeding.

"I would like to find her so I can say thank you and buy her a bunch of flowers.

"Drivers need to remember they are serving the public, not driving around a load of animals."

The Bottens, who have been married for 55 years, are calling for compensation after the accident which happened at 1pm.

A Stagecoach spokesman said: "The incident was caused by the actions of another road user. A car swerved into the path of our bus, forcing our driver to perform an emergency stop.

"We would like to wish the injured lady a full and speedy recovery."

Police are not investigating the matter.

Are you the woman who helped Mrs Botten or did you see the accident? Call News Shopper on 01689 885721.