ANGRY neighbours will refuse to pay fines after "money-grabbing" parking regulations were introduced on a private estate.

Residents of Bridge View, Watermans Way and surrounding streets in Ingress Park, Greenhithe, were outraged when estate developer Crest Nicholson introduced the new rules on March 6.

The estate's 612 properties are provided with either one garage or one parking bay adjacent to them.

But residents feel the parking facilities are inadequate and those with a second car are forced to park in the road.

Now any driver, including delivery men or visitors, caught parking outside a designated bay or garage will be fined up to £100.

Management company Peverel OM, which is in charge of carrying out parking regulations, could not confirm the number of tickets given out since March 6.

Only 118 visitor bays have been provided by Crest Nicholson.

More than 70 neighbours gathered at a demonstration to voice their concerns outside the estate's sales office on March 11.

They say they will refuse to pay the fines and will stop paying management fees if the restrictions continue.

Residents have already blockaded construction traffic to the site in protest.

Cab driver David Morgan, of Bridge View, said: "Where are you meant to park if you have more than one car?

"My son is learning to drive and I have no idea where we'll put his car."

The father-of-three added: "I can't park outside my own house. I have bought a house with invisible double yellow lines in front of it. These are money-grabbing measures."

Not all Ingress Park residents agree and some feel the restrictions are necessary to prevent accidents or make room for ambulances.

One woman, who did not want to be named, said: "Parking on the bend exiting Ingress Park meant cars had to take a blind corner. This was incredibly dangerous.

"Rubbish went uncollected and there were concerns emergency vehicles' access could be compromised.

"People took to parking in others' bays simply to walk a few yards less or allowed their visitors to do so, and became a nuisance in the process.

"Some residents became concerned for their children's safety too."

A Crest Nicholson spokesman said: "Following an increasing number of complaints regarding inappropriately parked cars, warning letters were sent out outlining the problems caused by inconsiderate and dangerous parking.

"Over the past 12 months these warnings have been repeated and since the situation has not improved, it was decided further measures had to be taken."