Freedom of speech is always a contentious subject and one which brings out the most vehement arguments.

I am provoked to write this piece after reading an article in the Observer regarding a university lecturer in Leeds who has been spouting unpopular views and is now facing calls for his dismissal.

His views are abhorrent and outdated. They are to do with race and the opinion that genetically, white people are more intelligent than black people.

Leeds University doesn't want to sack him because it says he has a right to free speech.

I am in total agreement of this right but he is in a place of education and his views are based on such ignorance I find it hard to understand how he got a position there in the first place.

I call for him to be sacked not for what he has been quoted as saying but for lacking the intelligence needed to be a teacher.

He was quoted as citing the low IQ results of people in Africa compared with the West as one of his reasons for this belief.

Well it doesn't take much of a brain to understand IQ tests are an unreliable means of testing intelligence.

Devised by white researchers and tested on white populations, it is not a suitable test for other cultures.

And there is absolutely no scientific data to support his ideas.

For this he should be removed from his post.

His academic ability is laughable. What a stupid man.