YOUNG drivers are being warned about the risks of driving too fast with a CD-Rom which includes mock crashes and injuries sustained in real high-speed car accidents.

The CD-Rom is being distributed to secondary schools and colleges across the borough to encourage pupils to think of the risks which come with a driving licence.

About 200 young drivers have been given copies of the CD-Rom in the past six weeks.

It is part of a campaign by the council's road safety unit, which also runs traffic education courses for new drivers.

Research shows the courses have been hugely successful with only three per cent of the youngsters trained going on to be involved in crashes in the borough.

Bromley Council senior road safety officer Elaine Eckhardt said: "Simply reducing your average speed by 1mph can result in a reduction of six per cent in the number of collisions."

Call 020 8313 4546 for a young driver's pack.