THERE are two things I dislike about going to see Shakespeare. Firstly actors constantly shouting to make the audience understand the elaborate language. Secondly the plays go on for far too long.

Tight Fit's new production of Othello at the Broadway Theatre is refreshingly different. This slightly-abridged version of one of Shakespeare's shorter plays rolls along at a cracking pace.

A clean, muscular production, its contrasts of volume and mood and the occasional blasts of humour combine with Shakespeare's cunning plotline to provide an entertaining evening.

The energetic company is led by Charles Angiama in the title role. The Moor's descent from loved and respected warrior to twisted jealous husband is powerfully portrayed.

Christian Olliver plays the manipulative Iago, justifying his evil artistry in a series of intense and engaging monologues as he plots the downfall of Othello and Cassio (Alex Trippier).

The strong supporting cast has no weak links. The acting is spot on throughout, only let down by a few clunky physical moments the intimate space means the actors are under a microscope such as when Iago hoists an obviously undead and cooperative corpse onto his shoulders.

I hope the company will fine-tune these tricky moments during the run.

The set and lighting decaying white plaster with a hint of marble reflect the play's timelessness.

The soundtrack is great, jazz and industrial techno complementing the mood and pace. There is a jarring moment a sultry French ballad is cued by a soul-searching Desdemona clutching a stereo remote control. Why introduce this solitary modern-day prop so late in the play?

Overall, I think this is a rollicking night out for both Shakespeare lovers and newcomers who fancy a flavour of what the Bard is all about.

Othello, until March 4, Broadway Studio Theatre, Catford Broadway, call 020 8690 0002 for tickets and times.