ANIMAL rights campaigners are holding a candlelit vigil to remember creatures who died in laboratory testing.

The event on Saturday will take place outside the Cancer Research UK charity shop in West Wickham High Street from 4.30pm to 6.30pm.

The event is part of the eighth International Animal Rights Day and will remember animals which have suffered and died in Cancer Research UK laboratories.

Jan Yarker, an animal rights campaigner from West Wickham, said: "It's not a question of putting animals before humans. It's simply about respecting life.

"All animals are individuals in their own right and can suffer emotional and physical pain.

"Even small creatures such as mice endure psychological damage because of their barren existence in laboratory cages."

Professor Alex Markham, Chief Executive of Cancer Research UK, said: "Everyone is entitled to express their views peacefully."

"We believe our research is vital to save lives."