A TEACHER who won a £50,000 out-of-court settlement after contracting asthma due to conditions at Langley Park School for Boys has rounded on the school's "aggressive" attitude.

And he branded Roger Sheffield, headteacher until last January, "a very unsympathetic character" (see our story about the head's suspension below).

Craft Design and Technology teacher David Parker, aged 43, was forced to retire last August from the boys school after 15 years' service because of illness. After leaving his post he issued a writ against the school.

Mr Parker developed breathing problems and was diagnosed as having occupational asthma at Bromley Hospital in 1993.

Mr Parker suspected wood-dust and fumes in the workshop were to blame as he was ill during term-time but felt fine during holidays.

But when he complained about conditions, he was not allowed to wear a dust-mask while teaching and was shifted to other classes.

Mr Parker, of Sutherland Avenue, Biggin Hill, said: "Instead of being sympathetic and helping me, the management were aggressive."

The teacher was taken to task over his absences from the school and was told to see an occupational health doctor.

His union, the NUT, took up his case and the doctor told the school to install radiant heating instead of fan heaters in the workshop.

Mr Parker said: "They made it impossible for me to work there. Teaching's been my life, I haven't a clue what I'm going to do now."

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