A FORMER art tutor is proud to have her bronze sculpture of Lord Nelson overlooking the Thames.

It took 55-year-old professional sculptor Lesley Pover two years to make the life-size statue, which is now situated near the Trafalgar Tavern, Park Row, Greenwich.

She originally had a bust of Nelson on display at the Old Royal Naval College.

Frank Dowling, who owns restaurants and pubs in Greenwich, including the Trafalgar Tavern, was so impressed he commissioned her to create the full-sized statue.

He said: "I think she's done a great job. It took her two years to do and she should be very proud of herself."

The mother-of-two, of Guibal Road, Lee, said: "I'm indebted to Frank for his generosity, without which I wouldn't have had the lifetime opportunity to try to capture Nelson.

"I tried to find the man behind the myth and found a great soul whose magic is inspirational even after 200 years."