A girl band from Watford and Borehamwood hope to conquer the charts with their latest single.

Girls@Play, a five-girl band featuring former Watford Grammar School pupil Rita Simons, release their second single on Monday, September 24.

Rita has been hard at work over the last two years, playing to crowds of up to 100,000 at the Radio 1 roadshows during the summer and supporting Hear'say and Steps on their UK tours.

The 24-year-old has already achieved a degree of fame, after a rumour linking her with the pop star Robbie Williams was printed in a national newspaper.

She said: "Apparently I am going out with Robbie Williams, which is not true. I spoke to Robbie and he thought it was hysterical.

"The papers got me down as a Geri Halliwell look-alike. I would be a very happy girl if I got even half of her success."

Having built up a fanbase through their live shows, the girls feel ready to release their new single, a cover of Stock, Aitken and Waterman's 1987 chart-topper Respectable.

"We have been told by a lot of people that this record could reach the top ten, but we're hoping for the top five," said Rita.

But she added that one of her biggest ambitions for the coming year was to return to her old school, and play a concert for the current pupils.

"I bumped into my old headteacher, Helen Hyde, and she wanted us to do a PA at the school. We haven't managed to do it yet, because our touring schedule is so hectic, but I said we would be more than pleased to do it.

"Mrs Hyde was my headmistress from the 1st year until I left school, and I was extremely naughty at school. She was the only one who saw something in me she was the best."

Rita moved to Elstree several years ago, near band-mates Lisa-Jay White and Lynsey Cowlishaw from Borehamwood. But she still has a soft spot for the Watford.

She added: "All of my friends are in Watford, my whole social life is there."

Girls@Play's new single, Respectable, is released by Redbus Music on Monday, September 24.