Doorman stabbed in row over £5 entry fee

A NEW CROSS doorman described as a "gentle giant" was stabbed to death over a £5 entry fee, the Old Bailey heard.

Father-of-three George Napier, 36, was attacked outside the Paradise Bar, New Cross Road, New Cross, on November 10, last year.

Spencer Sheppard, aged 29, of Albyn Road, Deptford, had tried to push past Mr Napier without paying but was told he had to pay the £5, the court heard.

Prosecuting Julian Bevan, QC, said: "He became angered and said words to the effect, 'you've made a big mistake you'll regret this'."

Sheppard walked to a nearby pub and called his brother Louis, 31, and pals Duane Daniels, 27, and Daniel Clarke, 24, on his mobile phone. His brother and Daniels had been snorting cocaine with their girlfriends and rushed to meet him, the jury heard.

Mr Beven said: "Louis apparently said no weapons were to be taken. Daniels said alright but took his knife.

"What they had in mind was a revenge attack helped by a rather unpleasant and large dog."

The court heard how Spencer Sheppard had two American Pitbulls named Colonel and Gadaffi and went home to collect Colonel.

Forty-five minutes after Sheppard had been ejected, he returned to the club, pushed open the door and instructed his dog to attack the bouncers, the jury heard.

Fellow bouncer Hulbert Alexander said: "I was fighting with the dog, George was struggling with Spencer, trying to keep him out.

"I can only describe it as a frenzied attack. It was just like a blur."

Witnesses saw Daniels bringing his hand down towards Mr Napier in a stabbing motion, others saw him wielding a knife.

Mr Napier collapsed and later died at Lewisham Hospital. He had been stabbed in the heart, arms and legs.

The four fled, but were all arrested within six months. Sheppard handed himself in after three months on the run.

Daniels, of no fixed address, denies murder and conspiracy to cause grievous bodily harm (GBH).

Clark, of Rosenthal House, Rushey Green, and the Sheppard brothers, both of Albyn Road, Deptford, admitted conspiracy to cause GBH.

The trial continues.

November 14, 2001 9:34