A DOCTOR boasted of his life support expertise to add "breadth and grandeur" to his experience, the GMC heard on Monday.

Dr Samuel Afolami, 43, sent in three CVs to hospitals littered with false entries.

He pretended to be a member of the Association of Cardiothorasic Anaesthetists and gave false dates for his A level passes.

Zoe Johnson, for the GMC, told the hearing his first fabricated CV was sent to the Imperial School of Specialist Registrar Rotation at Watford General Hospital in February 1996.

He claimed he had attended courses in Advanced Trauma Life Support, Advanced Life Support and Paediatric Life Support.

However, enquiries revealed he never took the courses which he claimed to have attended at the John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford.

His next CV was sent to the Charing Cross Hospital in Hammersmith in 1999.

He told his future employees he was a member of the Association of Cardiothorasic Anaesthetists and again claimed to have taken life support classes.

He sent his third CV to the Record of In Training Assessment Committee in March the following year with the same falsehoods, it is claimed.

Dr Afolami, of Dukeswood, Crowthorne, Berks, also claimed to be a member of the Vascular Anaesthetists Society.

Miss Johnson said: "Perhaps the most serious aspect of this case is that on each of these three CVs he represented that he attended three life-saving courses.

"By putting his attendance into the CVs he was obviously implying he had passed the courses and achieved accreditation, something that he now admits was false.

"The reported dishonest inclusion of these CVs is indicative of how significant they were."

Miss Johnson explained the doctor did apply for the various society memberships but was never accepted because he failed to pay his fees.

She said: "By giving misleading details of his membership, Dr Afolami was endeavouring to give his CVs a breadth and grandeur which was lacking.

"In light of the inconsistencies it is not our submission he was dishonest, but he was inaccurate and misleading and they are symptomatic of his unprofessional and somewhat cavalier approach to an importation document.

"Professionals rely on information contained within the CV and should be entitled to act upon it in good faith."

Dr Afolami denies giving false and misleading information but admits some of the details were inaccurate and inappropriate.

He further denies serious professional misconduct.


February 26, 2002 17:30