A DOCTOR who boasted of his prowess in life support to add breadth and "grandeur" to his Curriculum Vitae has been reprimanded by the General Medical Council (GMC).

Sitting on Sunday, the GMC found Dr Samuel Afolami, 43, guilty of serious professional misconduct for his dishonest and unprofessional behaviour.

His actions were branded "reprehensible" by the committee, but he escaped with a reprimand.

Dr Afolami's first fabricated CV was sent to the Imperial School of Specialist Registrar Rotation at Watford General Hospital in February 1996.

He claimed he had attended courses in Advanced Trauma Life Support, Advanced Life Support and Paediatric Life Support.

However, he never took the courses he claimed to have attended at the John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford.

The second CV was sent to the Charing Cross Hospital in Hammersmith in 1999 and his third to the Record of In Training Assessment Committee in March the following year. Both contained the same falsehoods.

Dr Afolami denied giving false and misleading information but admitted some of the details were inaccurate and inappropriate. He accepted responsibility for what he called his "mistakes".

Chairman of the GMC panel Andrew Fergusson said his CV failed to "accurately and honestly" reflect his qualifications at that time.

He said: "You have already been the subject of disciplinary procedures by your previous employers and were issued with a final written warning by them.

"We feel your actions, though reprehensible, do not warrant the imposition of the more severe sanctions at our disposal and, exceptionally, we have determined to conclude the case with a reprimand.

"This sanction will remain upon your record for the rest of your career."

March 12, 2002 16:30