THE mother of a leading British National Party organiser has been served with a notice of eviction from her home in Slade Green over anti-social behaviour.

Orbit (Bexley) Housing Association has served a notice of possession on Christine Golding, whose son Paul Golding is director of publicity for the BNP.

The eviction is particularly embarrassing for Paul Golding, who lives in nearby Frobisher Road, and who is one of the top four national officers of the BNP.

His party has made youth crime and law and order one of its big election issues and, ironically, is demanding tougher sentences, CCTV and more policing.

Mrs Golding lives in Craydene Road, Slade Green, and was served the order under the nuisance and anti-social behaviour clause of Orbit's tenancy agreement. She has 28 days to appeal.

Slade Green is a hotspot for anti-social behaviour and, in January, other residents in the area contacted the News Shopper in despair over their plight.

One man said: "My wife is terrified when darkness falls. They knock on our windows at night. We hide behind curtains and turn the lights off so the yobs think we're not in."

Another said: " I am sick and tired of having our cars smashed, our children attacked and our houses burgled." Others had eggs thrown at their windows and fences smashed.

Police moved their crime and disorder team into the area and a number of arrests and prosecutions were made. Slade Green has been declared Bexley's first residential community safety action zone by the community safety partnership.

The BNP has also claimed credit for bringing to a halt the use by Southwark Council of the Railway Tavern, in Slade Green, as a hostel for asylum seekers even though there is no record of a single letter on the subject from any North End BNP candidate.

In fact, it was Labour councillor Colin Hargrave (standing down at this election) who first alerted Bexley Council to the issue. It was then taken up, formally and informally, with Southwark by Bexley's chief executive and council leader.

Bexley subsequently took enforcement action on the tavern, and successfully fought an appeal againt it. An application to turn thr pub into a hostel was withdrawn.

May 1, 2002 17:00