The mutilated bodies of two women have been discovered wrapped in black bin liners a few hundred yards away from where the dismembered corpse of trainee rabbi Andy Hinz was also found.

The body parts of a woman in her 30s and a younger woman, possibly as young as 14 were found in a wheelie bin at the back of the College Arms pub in Royal College Street, Camden, on New Year's Eve. The body parts of Mr Hinz, who lived in Windermere Avenue, Finchley, were found wrapped in black plastic in bins in July at the junction of Baynes Street and St Pancras Way about 200 metres from the College Arms pub.

Police have dismissed any connection between the murders. Thomas Hamilton McDowell, of Baynes Street, Camden, has appeared in court charged with Mr Hinz's murder.

Police are now searching for a man called Anthony John Hardy, after a torso was found in his flat just off Royal College Street, less than 200 yards from the pub. On Thursday morningjan2, police had cordoned off the area and resumed their search for more clues.

January 2, 2003 13:00