The first picture of Brigitte Cathy MacClennan, who police believe is the third victim of the Camden Ripper has been released.

The 36-year-old prostitute who frequented the King's Cross area, was one of the women whose body parts were found in black binbags in Camden.

Unemployed Tony Hardy, 51, has been charged with the murders of three women.

MacClennan who was born in New Zealand is believed to have moved to England as a teenager and settled in London with her civil servant father Roderick, mother and brother.

Her remains were found with those of former Nottingham woman Elizabeth Valad, 29.

They were discovered by a homeless man looking for food.

Ms MacClennan's torso was found in a rubbish bag in a wheelie bin. Other body parts were found in the bin.

Ms Valad's torso was found in Hardy's Camden flat wrapped in a bin liner, a day after the first gruesome find.

Ms MacClennan was identified after police matched DNA from one of the bodies with a sample on their database.

The mother of two is understood to have several convictions for offences including prostitution. She has also been linked to drugs.

Her sons, aged eight and six, are understood to be in local authority care.

Ms MacClennan reportedly married her husband, a Moroccan painter and decorator named Abdel Amzil, at the Camden Registry Office in 1994.

The marriage is understood to have failed.

Hardy has also been charged with the murder of Sally Rose White, 38, who was found dead in Hardy's home in January last year.

It was initially thought Ms White died of a heart attack but the case had been reopened because of the current inquiry.

January 8, 2003 10:30