AFC Wimbledon have been accused of killing off King-stonian Football Club.

Chris Kelly, who was the managing director of Ks for 11 years, has labelled the new Dons hypocrites and fears his former club will be forced out of existence.

The Dons are in the process of buying the Kingsmeadow ground from Ks owner Rajesh Khosla and have said they will never turf Ks out.

But a sceptical Kelly said: "I'm very disappointed with AFC Wimbledon.

"They always mention how Charles Koppel ruined their club, but now they are doing exactly the same to Ks.

"They are saying all the right things, but in two years time Ks will be viewed as an inconvenience.

"Charging a team without any assets £10,000 for rent is a disgrace. Ks should not need to pay anything to play on their own ground."

But Dons chairman Kris Stewart insists his club, formed last year, will be the perfect landlords to Ks.

"To compare it to the situation between us and Wimbledon is stupid and shows he has no knowledge of the history of our club," said Stewart.

"There are about eight fans who feel the way he does compared with 250 or so who are in the Ks Trust, who have been very positive at our meetings."

The Ks Trust, set up by supporters, is currently raising funds to take over the club from Kholsa.

Spokesman Gary Ekins said: "I think Mr Kelly is slightly upset he's not involved any more, but plenty of people would say thank God for that.

"It is not ideal to not own your ground, but if anyone wanted landlords I don't think they could ask for better ones than AFC Wimbledon."

Kelly also attacked Khosla for putting his own financial interests before those of Ks.

Khosla, who bought the club for £440,000 last year after it had gone into administration, has confirmed Ks will not see a penny of the cash, claiming he has already invested heavily in Kingstonian.

"Khosla says he has spent almost £600,000 of his own money, but he has taken so much from the club it means nothing," said Kelly.

"If I had proposed selling the lease in my time at the club I would have been hung from Kingston Bridge."

But Khosla said: "I made sure Ks have to pay only £10,000 per year in rent. The first pre-season game against AFC Wimbledon will make this, so essentially Ks are getting it for free.

"I don't want the club to die my heart is in it and people who think it will fold are wrong."

May 30, 2003 10:00