CAMPAIGNERS "fed up with expensive supermarket food" are calling on a council to start a market.

The Campaign for Brockley Market wants to see bustling stalls fill Foxberry Road every Saturday.

The group's 10 members, all Brockley residents, have leafleted 3,000 homes in the area to drum up support.

Brockley Cross is not serviced by supermarkets and residents currently travel to New Cross Gate for their weekly groceries.

The group wants the area's 7,000 residents to be able to buy fresh fruit and vegetables on their doorstep.

Group chairman Ian Rawes, 40, started the campaign in February.

Mr Rawes, of Drakefell Road, Brockley, said: "We are fed up with having to trek to New Cross for expensive supermarket food.

"Brockley isn't well served when it comes to buying fresh food at reasonable prices.

"The area has been neglected for years and looks shabby. A market would make the area look better."

The 40-year-old warehouseman has been delivering questionnaires to get people's opinions and is pleased with the results.

He added: "So far the group has delivered 500 questionnaires to residents and 200 have been returned, with 95 per cent backing the campaign.

"Lewisham Council is interested but we need more people on side."

Brockley councillor Terry Scott said: "I've been working closely with residents on iniatives and am 100 per cent behind the campaign.

"A street market selling fresh food and plans to rejuvenate nearby open space will bring great benefits to the community."

Joan Ruddock, MP for Lewisham Deptford, said: "People like buying fresh food and want to know where it has come from.

"This makes a market an excellent idea."

Visit or call Mr Rawes on 07792 421148.