A RACIST who accused an Asian shopkeeper of being behind the London bombings has been jailed and given an Anti-Social Behaviour Order (Asbo).

Martin Toye, of Hither Green Lane, pleaded guilty to using racially-aggravated language and behaviour towards an Asian shopkeeper on July 12 at Greenwich Magistrates' Court.

The court described Toye's actions as "serious in context of last week's bombings" before jailing the 33-year-old for 26 weeks and gave him an Asbo.

On July 11, just four days after the first bombing attacks, Toye entered a supermarket in Lewisham where staff had previously banned him for his racist abuse and behaviour.

On being asked to leave he accused the shopkeeper of being a terrorist and playing a part in the London bombings.

A short time later Toye was arrested by Lewisham police.

Lewisham borough commander Chief Superintendent Archie Torrance said: "This sentence sends out a strong message Lewisham police will not tolerate hate crime against any members of the community.

"I encourage anyone who suffers this kind of abuse to report it to the police. This is a time for communities to bind together."

Lewisham Mayor Steve Bullock said: "I am 100 per cent behind the police in taking action against anyone committing vile and hateful acts of racist abuse in Lewisham.

"It is wrong for people to make accusations about our citizens and neighbours on the basis of the colour of their skin. The London bombings were the act of criminal extremists. We must ensure there is no room for racists to exploit acts of terrorism to drive a wedge between our communities."

Toye's Asbo, which will remain in place until further notice, forbids him from entering the supermarket and using insulting or threatening words and behaviour towards its customers, owners or staff.

Toye is also banned from consuming or having any open container of alcohol in any public place within the M25 area.