CAMPAIGNERS have identified an alternative school site in the north of the borough which could use cash promised by developers.

The New School Campaign says it will "not give up" fighting for a school in the north of the borough and claim it has found an "ideal site" for it.

The education pressure group has identified a site just off Evelyn Street and Dragoon Road, Deptford, as an alternative to the planned school at Ladywell.

It originally submitted a proposal to Lewisham Mayor Steve Bullock last October but it was rejected because of concern the land is contaminated.

Now News International, the firm behind plans to redevelop nearby Convoys Wharf, has offered cash towards a new secondary school in the area as part of its proposal.

Campaign secretary John Hamilton wants the mayor to reconsider his decision.

He said: "There is no good reason why a school could not be built there.

"It is a good site because it is bang in the area where children have difficulty getting into a school.

"I think the council is just trying to fob us off. We will not rest until the right thing is done for the children of this borough."

Mr Hamilton says the proposed Convoys Wharf development will further increase the demand for school places.

However, Mr Bullock said: "I have made my decision about the location for the new school. It is the Ladywell site and we now need to move on.

"Any further delay could seriously risk our ability to deliver our £150m Building Schools for the Future plan."

A council spokesman confirmed funding from developers to pay for improvements to the area, called section 106 money, could be used to pay for planned improvements to secondary schools across the borough as part of the Building Schools for the Future scheme.