Two years after her death, Gemma Rolfe's grieving family are still hunting the driver who killed their daughter. LINDA PIPER reports ...

The family have vowed "We will never give up and we will get justice for Gemma."

Family and school friends were at the spot in Slade Green Road, Slade Green, last week at the exact time when Gemma Rolfe, 12, was killed by a hit-and-run driver in May 2003.

Her mother Janet Ford, 38, brother Kye and stepfather Dean Robey of Wharfside Close, Erith, had been to the spot earlier in the day to attach a white floral tribute spelling Gemma's name, photographs and balloons to a road-side fence, in her memory.

And others gathered with their own tributes at 7.10pm to mark the time when Mr Robey's Suzuki Vitara was hit by a stolen white Austin Maestro van at the junction of Slade Green Road and Canada Road, after the van failed to stop at the junction.

Erith School pupil Gemma was sitting in the front passenger seat and was on her way to Guides.

She was trapped upside down in the car and was dead on arrival at Darent Valley Hospital, Dartford.

Mr Robey, 40, suffered four broken ribs and a fractured collar bone.

The youth driving the car was white, aged 18 to 20 at the time, with short dark hair. He fled the scene on foot.

Although the identity of the driver is widely known in the area, no witnesses have ever come forward. Police forensic tests and identity parades have failed to confirm his identity.

The family put up posters in the area last week, appealing again for people to come forward.

"Why is there still a wall of silence?" it asks. "The person who did this knows who he is and so do a lot of people in the area. What are they scared of? Why won't they come forward and give Gemma's family the justice they deserve?" it demands.

Mrs Ford described the two years since Gemma's death as "utter hell".

"I wake up every morning with Gemma in my head and do the same when I go to bed at night. I pray to God I'm going to wake up and it has all been a bad dream and Gemma is still alive. Every moment is a living hell," she said.

"I will remember that night for the rest of my life. All she was doing was going to Girl Guides. All I got was to kiss my baby goodbye in hospital."

She went on: "Not only have I not got Gemma, I haven't got anyone responsible for killing her. No justice yet.

"Don't let the scum get away with it.

"Nobody can give Gemma back to her family even though that is my biggest wish but you can give us justice."

If you have any information about Gemma's death, call Bexleyheath CID on 020 8284 9135.