A WORRIED son has made an emotional appeal to News Shopper readers to help track down a well-loved lollipop lady who has been missing for more than two months.

Pamela Dunthorpe, 57, controlled the crossing outside Red Hill Primary School in Chislehurst, for five years and the schoolchildren are desperate for her to come back.

She disappeared from her home on the Coldharbour Estate in Eltham, on January 3, and her family and friends have received no news of her whereabouts since.

Her son Michael Dunthorpe, 31, told the News Shopper: "We've heard nothing at all. We've done a TV appeal but that drew a blank and the police aren't having much luck.

"All we can do is just sit and wait, and hope someone finds her and calls the Missing Persons line. We just wish someone would tell us where she is."

Michael said the children keep asking where their lollipop lady is but a lollipop person has been employed as his mother has been gone so long.

Meanwhile, Michael and the rest of the family are keeping in touch with the school in Red Hill.

Headteacher Elaine Alford said: "She worked here for five years, as long as I have, not only as a lollipop lady but also as a lunchtime supervisor. The children talked to her every day."

The family has Pamela's passport and all her bank cards and believe she is still in the country.

Michael believes initial reports that Pamela is accompanied by her miniature black poodle, Suzie, could be misleading.

He said: "The dog could even have died which may have really upset her. There's no guarantee she still has Suzie."

Mrs Dunthorpe, who suffers from depression, was wearing a dark orange coat, tracksuit bottoms and grey slip-on shoes at the time of her disappearance.

She is around 5ft 2in tall with a dark complexion and she has brown shoulder-length hair.

Anyone with any information is asked to contact the Greenwich Missing Persons Unit on 020 8284 5333.