A SCHOOL band hit the right note in the sunshine state when they received standing ovations during a recent tour in America.

The 68-piece band from Sedgehill School, in Sedgehill Road, entertained residents in Tallahassee, Vero Beach and Orlando in Florida, during their 10th overseas tour.

One of their midday performances at Vero Beach was attended by more than 400 people.

Speaking about the concert, band director Tony Masters, who is head of music at the school, said: "There were lots of press photos taken and some admiring comments from ex-citizens of Lewisham who had been in Florida for 50 years.

"One member of the audience asked for Tony Blair's address so she could write and commend us to him."

Apart from the hard work, pupils aged 12 to 18 had a chance to go shopping in a mall, visit museums and spend a day in Disney World, where they held their last concert.