Bernie Ecclestone may be a multimillionaire and Formula 1 racing tycoon, but he has humble beginnings.

Ecclestone started out as a used car and motorcycle dealer in Bexleyheath, where his family moved to from Suffolk when he was young.

He has been a driver and team owner in his time, but Ecclestone's great and most lucrative success has been behind the scenes of motorsport.

Ecclestone took contron of Grand Prix media rights in the 1980s as president of the Formula One Constructors Association, gaining large deals for TV rights. Media interest and money in F1 has increased rapidly since then.

In 1996, Ecclestone created a new company, Formula One Management, which sells F1 broadcasting rights for the International Automobile Association, located in Geneva.

Ecclestone is now one of the wealthiest people in Britain.