ANOTHER UFO sighting has been reported this time in the same road as the borough's most famous ET incident.

News Shopper reported last week how Dorothy Godfrey, 72, of North Road, Belvedere, saw three UFOs hovering above her bungalow on September 13.

The pensioner told how she watched in amazement as three light bulb shaped lights zipped about the sky.

Now another resident has come forward to say she saw a similar site from the window of her home in King Harold's Way, Bexley.

Diane Taylor, 52, was enjoying a Saturday night in front of the TV when she spotted a mysterious glow.

Retired accountant Mrs Taylor said: "At first I wasn't too sure it was a UFO but the next morning I heard a radio DJ say he had seen something and when I saw the story in last week's News Shopper I was certain.

"I thought it was a piece of paper but its movements were not right.

It was like a light-bulb but larger, very bright and almost as soon as I saw it, it zipped down the road at about 35mph."

"My daughter saw it first and was adamant it was a UFO. She was very excited about it and now I think the same but I'm not mad, honestly. There is something definitely out there."

Mrs Taylor's husband, Bob, has also seen strange things in the sky. Thirty years ago, he saw something resembling a fireball in the sky.

Mrs Taylor added: "I have never really disbelieved in UFOs but I have never seen one before. We can't be the only living planet can we?"

King Harold's Way is famous in UFO-circles for a reported sighting in 1955.

More than 30 people reportedly claimed seeing a circular craft with eight suckers hovering above the ground.

Since then Bexleyheath has been listed as one of the top 10 UFO areas by expert and author Nick Pope.

If you have seen something strange in the sky or know what the mysterious light was, call the newsroom on 01689 885724.