A PENSIONER'S early morning trip to the bathroom turned into a close encounter of the third kind when she spotted three UFOs hovering outside her bungalow.

Dorothy Godfrey, 72, of North Road, Belvedere, was returning to bed at around 5am on Monday when she looked out a back window to check on the weather.

The grandmother had to call her husband to witness the amazing sight.

She said: "There were three lights in the sky, they looked like light bulbs but they were quite a long way away.

"After a few seconds one zipped off toward Woolwich and another zipped to the Thames. The third one stayed for a while longer before zooming off in the direction of the river. I called my husband because I knew if he didn't see them he would think I was dreaming."

She added: "I'm not senile, I know what I saw. Before this morning I never really believed in little green men, but there is obviously something up there. My daughter believes everything about Martians. She's very much into these things and she said I should report it."

The sighting comes just four miles from Bexley's most famous UFO incident.

In 1955 a UFO was spotted in King Harold's Way, Bexleyheath, by more than 30 people. The craft, which hovered above the ground and had eight suckers' on it, flew off over Bedonwell Primary School when people tried to touch it.

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