ONE of the town's best-known record shops is facing closure after struggling against pirated CDs and dropping sales.

Morps Music, in Lewisham High Street's Model Market, could close down its indie store within months if sales do not improve.

The shop's owner Dave Morpurgo, which is now the sole outlet for alternative music in Lewisham town centre, says pressure from illegal downloads from the internet, counterfeit CDs and supermarkets has left him on the verge of closure.

Only the recent departure of Virgin Megastore from the town could keep the store going as its closure means there is now little competition in the town.

Mr Morpurgo, who also has a branch in New Cross, said: "We're looking at closing because illegal trading in the town and the state of the record business make it pretty hard at the moment. It doesn't help with supermarkets pricing everyone out.

"Profits from the indie store in Lewisham are not enough to keep it going but we're going to wait and see if Virgin's closure will turn it around."

Internet site, dedicated to life in Lewisham, described the Morps possible demise as "sad news".