That is, of course, unless you are a man in which case you are fully entitled to engage in any activity of your choice. You may wish to play a little ‘Call of Duty’ or snack on a wholesome sandwich prepared for you by your female counterpart – or perhaps some other manly activity as endorsed by the multitude of Facebook groups that have lately become so popular.

Welcome to the new age of sexism, in the more specific form of anti-feminism. Gone are the days when a remark about the ‘inadequacy’ of women got you several dirty look in public; now it is far more likely that you will receive a clap on the back and a beautifully phrased reply of ‘that’s what she said’. And is it just the boys joining in? I think not.

So why have we women turned upon ourselves? Perhaps it is because we are tired of hearing about the behaviour of avid feminists; I have certainly heard many a history student groan whenever the suffragettes are mentioned in the syllabus. George Dangerfield scornfully describes their reign as a form of ‘pre-war lesbianism’ – not particularly politically correct but neither is the apparent return of sexism in our so-called modern society.

Should we just sit down and accept this? It depends entirely on your point of view (and i know what mine is. The window above the kitchen sink.)