A COUNCILLOR who represents a murder hotspot has been criticised for not attending any crime-fighting meetings.

And she also failed to respond to News Shopper, despite numerous attempts to contact her.

New Cross ward councillor Madeliene Long is a member of Lewisham Council’s safer stronger communities select committee, which scrutinises the council's crime reduction policies to make boroughs safer.

But since joining the committee in April last year, the Labour councillor has not attended any of its seven meetings.

Last week News Shopper reported how five young men have been murdered on the notorious Woodpecker estate in New Cross in the past five years, with four remaining unsolved.

Anna-Maria Williams is the mother of one of the victims, 24-year-old Nathan Williams, who was shot dead on the estate in July last year.

She said: “Obviously there’s such a high crime rate in the area so I would expect someone in her position to attend these meetings.

“If she’s not attending these meetings it raises concerns and it doesn’t help the community help themselves.”

She added: “It’s sad because the residents pay their taxes and bills and they are not getting anything back from their local councillor.”

The London Datastore, which has been created by the Greater London Authority to release free data, showed New Cross was 40th out of 626 wards in London for total notifiable crimes last month (February).

Notifiable offences are serious crimes which police forces are required to report to the Home Office, such as rape, assault and robbery.

Liberal Democrat councillor Duwayne Brooks, who is also a member of the safer stronger communities select committee, said: “This is completely unacceptable service from a councillor.

“The safer stronger communities committee is a vital forum to raise serious issues, and work in the fight against crime. Where was Councillor Long? Why didn't she show up for a single meeting?

“People want to ask her a lot of questions about her work - shame she didn't go to places to answer them.”

Lib Dem councillor Daniel Houghton, who is also on the committee, said: “At the last meeting, a senior officer from Lewisham police force attended.

“My point is if she chooses not to attend these meetings, her chance to raise these issues with senior council and police officers is lost.”

Mr Houghton claimed Cllr Long only sent apologies about not attending in connection with one meeting.

Cllr Long is also a member of Lewisham Council’s public accounts select committee and its strategic planning committee.

She is vice chairman of one of the council’s planning committees.

News Shopper tried to contact her but she did not return her phone messages or reply to an email.