It’s been investigated as to where some of the rubbish from the West is going. Recent research, reported by several sources, shows that broken electrical appliances and other such rubbish have been illegally dumped into countries in Africa such as Nigeria and Ghana.

According to EU law, electrical items and unwanted gadgets should be dismantled and recycled, but an investigation carried out by Greenpeace shows that they’re being sent out to other countries.

Tonnes of household rubbish, unsanitary medical waste and toxic waste are being dumped abroad resulting in a huge worry for the health of the people living on the local land. Men and children scavenging through the heaps of rubbish for computer parts and other electrical items are being exposed to the toxic waste.

Many other countries such as India, China, Brazil and Indonesia have fallen victim to this illegal fly tipping and even greater tonnes of waste has been discovered in the Pacific Ocean, nicknamed ‘plastic soup’ by oceanographers.

Will governments allow this abomination to continue? If not, what are their plans to try and improve the world we live in instead of destroying it?