Nowadays the female population is split; generic or alternative? We are met with two stereotypes. There are those who pride themselves in having extensions, getting their nails down and piling on foundation. Then on the other hand, there are those who prefer to sit in the shadows, writing poetry, thinking that no-one understands them, going against the grain. Or so they think.

But maybe these ‘alternative’ people just like certain music because that’s what they think have to do to be different. But then, we have to ask, is that still alternative? Maybe now we are only left with generic and generic. Although the so-called “alternatives” may not fit the original ‘teenage girl’ mould, they certainly fit the second.

There is a long standing feud between the two, but surely they have more in common than they think. They yearn to fit in; check. They only hang out with those who are like them; check. They can’t understand why people would want to be like the others; check. So, if you take away the music, the looks and all superficial things, then you’re left with one girl, who has two paths to choose between. Essentially all teenager girls boil down to the same basic outline.